Introduction: The Academic Institution is a Social security system where the healthcare of students is paid for from funds created by pooling of contributions of participating students and the Institutions.

Membership: For students (full and part time) of Federal, State and Private Tertiary Institutions.

Contribution: N2,000 per student per session payable at the time of payment of School fees.

Medical Facility: Students  can choose between three major Hospitals including the school medical clinics

Mode of Operation:

  • Each student will complete our registration form and choose one Hospital.
  • Gorah Membership ID Card will be issued to each student.
  • Medical services  will be provided to each student upon the presentation of Gorah ID Card throughout the academic session.
  • Gorah HMO shall be responsible for paying the Healthcare provider for all services rendered
Benefits Gorah Student
General ConsultationYes
Specialist ConsultationOnce per Year
Basic Lab InvestigationsYes
Prescribed DrugsYes
Physiotherapy3 per year
Plain & Contrast X-Rays3 per year
Ultra Sound ScansYes
Admissions in HospitalGeneral Ward
Admission per annum4 Days
Feeding on AdmissionYes
Drugs & InfusionsYes
Emergency CareYes
Surgeries (Minor, Intermediate and Major) In emergencies only.Limit N60,000 Per person
Simple Optical Care Yes
Primary Dental Care ( Pain relief, Simple extraction, fillings)Limit N2,500 Per person
Mental Health Services (emergencies only)Yes
Prices Per Person Per YearGorah Student

₦ 2,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a Social Security system that guarantees the provision of health care services paid from funds created by pooling the contributions of participating students.

No. Your first point of call is your School/College Clinic after which you will be referred if the need arises

No. The cost of drugs are already covered in the premium paid

Yes. You can access medical treatment throughout the session including holidays provided you have paid but you are not covered anywhere outside the School premises.

Participating students do not need cash to access treatment when required. The problem of running out of cash because of sickness can be avoided. And the medical attention is the best in the location of the school.

No limit as long as the care is within the provision of the Benefits package

No. All treatments are covered by the premium paid.

Payment to the Primary provider is by capitation. A certain amount is paid to your Primary healthcare provider monthly in advance whether you utilise the services or not. The payment made by healthy students subsidise the sick students so that the necessary pool of funds can be created. There are no refunds or rebates to any participating students as the objective of the programme is to ensure that the entire student community stay healthy at all times.